Guide to Entering the Bridges Relay

Please read this guide which explains how to enter the 2017 Bridges Relay.

Firstly as the name says this is a relay and we do not accept entries from individual runners.  There are two classes of teams in the relay;
Open – 4 runners  (male or mixed teams)  (Max 140 teams)
Ladies – 3 runners (female only). (Max 40 teams)

Teams are entered by their organisation.  We classify organisations into Running Clubs and LBH.  The London Business Houses was created to organise events for employees of companies, government and academic organisations.  We use this to enable us to reward company and similar teams from pure running clubs.  Please note that while Open Team numbers and bibs are the same this is not the case for Ladies Teams.

To enter a team please follow the following steps
1  The team manager contacts the site administrator to get a manager login.  Please email Greg at for a login.  Please indicate if you are entering your running club or your work/study organisation.
2  Greg provides team manager with an account and a password.
3  Team manager logs in and registers their club/ organisation.
4  One of the relay directors allocates teams to the club.
5  Team manager pays for entry either through Entry Central or a direct payment to SEAC.
6  Team manager enters team members and their details.