Data Protection Policy

SEAC Data Protection Policy

The Stock Exchange Athletic Club holds limited personnal information about its members to enable it to operate effectively as an athletic club.  It also holds information on partipants and managers of teams and organisations where it facilitiates in the arranging of athletic events and the processeing of their results information.  The information is only retained for these purposes.

The club does not share, give or sell any of this information with any other bodies, with the sole exception of persons who request the club to register them with England Athletics to enable them to gain a license number.  The club does not collect or retain any information about individuals other than that required for the above purposes.  If a person wishes to confirm what information the club holds about them they should contact

This data protection policy applies to data held on the club’s computer records including its website and information collected via the SEAC Manager and SEAC Race Timer smartphone apps and their associated databases.

Any queries this above policy should be directed to