2019 Bridges Relay

2019 SEAC Bridges Relay Invitationbig ben

The Bridges Relay is a small low key relay held on the Albert Embankment opposite the Houses of Parliament in June each year.  The course is about 2.4miles on the pavement and it does go over a couple of the bridges (Vauxhall and Lambeth).  There are two team classes:
Open for teams of four (mixed or all male we class them together)
Ladies for teams of three women.

Entries can be made on-line at EntryCentral  or directly with the organisers on this website.  The date of the 2019 race is Thursday 20 June .  Please direct any other inquiries to bridgesrelay@gmail.com

Here is a copy of the invitation and entry form for the 2019 race.

2019 SEAC Bridges Relay Invitation