2019 Assembly League #4 Draft Results

These are draft results from last week’s race. We did not have enough helpers to reliably capture the finish times but hopefully with enough feedback this can be resolved. There are a few bib inaccuracies which again should be easy to resolve with feedback. Runners not registered via the manager app are not named here. We encourage clubs to use the app either via their own smart phones or by borrowing one of the many devices Greg brings to each race to enter their teams.


Assembly League #3 Draft Results

Please find here the results for the third race in the 2019 season hosted by Eton Manor at Leyton Jubilee Park on 6 June 2019. This is a new course for the League and was very well received by the competitors. The only kink in these results that I am aware of is to identify finisher 76 which was recorded as bib 26 but this was not actually declared by any club.