Assembly League 3 – Victoria Park Draft Results

Below is a link to draft results for the third 2022 Assembly League race in Victoria Park. Unfortunately, we experienced a database failure and the details of new runners registered on the night were lost. If you send Greg the missing data we’ll reinsert it. Also any feedback on the runner times is appreciated so that we can improve the matching of finish times to runners.

Assembly League 3 – Victoria Park – Click Here

2022 SEAC Bridges Relay – 24 August

The 2022 SEAC Bridges Relay will be held on Wednesday 24 August at the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park and will use the same course as 2021 on the Thames footpath around the O2 Dome. Each runner runs approximately 2.4 miles. There are two types of team entries: Open with four male or mixed runners and Ladies with three ladies. Open teams cost £16 and Ladies teams cost £12 to enter.

Entries can be made here:

Relays are fun to do and corporate joggers can become surprisingly competitive!

SEAC Manager 2

This is the new version of the Manager App designed to help team managers register their runners for the 2022 Assembly League or the 2022 SEAC Bridges Relay. This version is 2.02 and includes:

1) A fix to ensure buttons can be read on all devices

2) A fix so that when one runner is allocated the bib of another the former’s allocated bib is set back to “na”.

Zipped Android App

User Guide

2021 Bridges Relay – 8 September

We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2021 SEAC Bridges Relay at the EcoPark in North Greenwich near the O2 Dome. The course is slightly over 2 miles on the Thames footpath around the Dome. The event is for male/mixed Open teams of 4 and Ladies teams of 3. The event is a come changed event and race will commence at 18:30 on 8 September 2021. The event is open to corporate and running club teams. Entry forms may be found here: