17 June 2015 Bridges Relay

The date for the 2015 Bridges Relay has been set as Wednesday 17 June 2015.  Details on how to enter will be published shortly.  Please note that the race has sold out before entries closed in the last two year so we recommend applying early once entries open.   Other details may  be found here.

2015 Assembly League Calendar

Here are the dates, times and venues currently determined for the 2015 Assembly League.  This year is the 40th year of the league so we should assume that the “Usual Suspects” (Vicky Park, Kent AC) will be upping their game and as another usual suspect we hope to too ;

09-Apr-15 Beckenham Tennis Club – 3 miles 7:15pm
07-May-15 Victoria Park – 3.5 miles 7:30pm
04-Jun-15 Venue TBC 7:30pm
02-Jul-15 Venue TBC 7:30pm
30-Jul-15 Victoria Park – 3.5 miles 7:30pm
03-Sep-15 Beckenham Tennis Club – 3 miles 7:15pm

22 December 2014 Another Christmas Running Drinking Event

Geoff Jerwood of HHH has for many years organised a Christmas pub crawl in different parts of central London.  The pubs are chosen with care so it’s worth attending just to expand the number of good pubs you know.   As the event starts at 17:30 most people are late so there is a tradition of signing in with one’s excuse for being late.  Obviously “cat ate my homework” or “abducted by aliens” are regular and equally as a runners event everyone is welcome.

Doss AC/HHH 35th Annual London Xmas Pub Crawl Mon 22 Dec 2014

2014 Inter Financial Services Cross Country Results

Congratulations to Alan Barnes who came third in the long course race and also to the men’s team of Alan Barnes, Tom Conlon, David Evans and Jack Wilson who came third overall behind a very strong Barclays team and Bank of America ML.

Also congratulations to the men’s vets team of Kevin Tilley, Tom Conlon and Raul Mansukhani who won the vet championship on what were rather wet conditions.  As usual the Bank of England hosted supper after which the club retired to the bar.

The results are now on the Results page