SEAC Manager

The “SEAC Manager” is a new smartphone app developed to assist club managers in quickly registering their runners for events and also allocating runners to running numbers. The app only works on Android phones and may be found in the Google Playstore by seaching for “SEAC”.

The manager may be used in “guest” mode to view data but it needs to be registered to add or change information.

Currently the tool has two key functions:
1) Runner Admin where runners may be added, amended or deleted.
2) Race Admin where runners can be allocated to running numbers for a race.

The tool links in real-time to a cloud database so that any changes you make will be passed instantly to the race administrators, making last minute registration or changes very easy for you and the administrators. And it’s free. Unfortunately, there is no I-Phone version of the tool as the software it’s written in only complies into Android, and is provided free by MIT and Appybuilder (Apple doesn’t do “free”).

Here is a guide to using the app’