SEAC Manager 2

Manager 2 is a complete rewrite of the first SEAC Manager app. The app comes as an Android app and as a webpage, links to both are below. The Manager allows team managers to register their runners for the Assembly League and for the SEAC Bridges Relay. The app is completely real-time and all the data is stored in a cloud database. Once registered the runners can be easily matched to the running number they will use. The app does require internet access but is much faster than the old app and has an insignificant initialisation phase.

The app can be used simultaneously by more than one person for the same club although they may need to refresh their cloud data to see more than their own data adds.

Managers do need to register so we know who is making data changes. Each club also has a PIN that mangers need supply to authenticate their data. The latest version of the app also allow managers to delete runners who are no longer part of their club. All the data collected is only used to enable us to administer these races. We do not give or sell any data to any other parties.

SEAC Manager User Guide – Click Here

SEAC Manager Android App – Click Here

SEAC Manager Webapp – Click Here