2022 Assembly League

The 2022 Assembly League consists of four races usually held on the first Thursday of each month through the Summer. The third race on 7 July 2022 is at Victoria Park. The results of the League to date are below:

2022 Assembly League to Date

Assembly League 1 Beckenham Palace Park

Assembly League 2 Victoria Park

The League is normally a six race fixture but following the relaxation of Covid restrictions a four race league seemed a better re-introduction for 2022 after two years without a league. The League has both individual and team competitions for men and ladies and runners are bracketed into five year age bands. The teams require four runners and there is an A team and a B team competition. All runners may score for their club’s teams. To simplify the results’ logistics a runner should stay in the age band of their first appearance in the League each season. This will prevent a competitive runner’s league points being diluted across two age bands. A limited number of guest runners may run in any event.