SEAC Manager 2

This is the new version of the Manager App designed to help team managers register their runners for the 2022 Assembly League or the 2022 SEAC Bridges Relay. This version is 2.02 and includes:

1) A fix to ensure buttons can be read on all devices

2) A fix so that when one runner is allocated the bib of another the former’s allocated bib is set back to “na”.

Zipped Android App

User Guide

Assembly League Results

With the final Assembly League race in September this year’s league finished with the club achieving the following honours:
  Mens Teams:   2nd
  Mens B Teams:  4th
  Senior Men: A. Barnes 2nd
  Senior Men: R. Kowenicki 4th
  Senior Men: S. Wurr 5th
  Men 45: A. Weir 3rd